FANCY FACE SURREY want its customers to have the best time at their event, and to fully enjoy the fun, magic and fantasy of face and body painting. In order to ensure we provide the best and fairest service possible we adhere to the following terms and conditions and ask that our customers read and understand these before booking any services. 



  • Fancy Face Surrey will not paint any child under the age of 3. (3 year olds are ok). 


  • A child (and adult for that matter) must be able and willing to sit to have their face/body painted. Smaller/simpler designs can be chosen for those less able to sit in one place for too long. 


  • Although all due care is taken to prevent materials (Paint, glitter, glue etc) from getting on to clothing, Fancy Face Surrey cannot accept responsibility for any clothes/shoes being marked/stained. The majority of materials used should wash out of any clothing, but it cannot be guaranteed. 


  • The face and/or body area must be clean before being painted. If the child is a little grubby Fancy Face Surrey will ask you to give them a quick clean. 


  • Any skin being painted should be free of sores, open cuts, grazes, rashes or any other skin condition that would be deemed unsuitable for painting on. 


  • If there are any concerns regarding sensitive skin or allergies, it is advised that Fancy Face Surrey is told as soon as possible and before commencement so that a patch test can be carried out

  • All the products used by Fancy Face Surrey are professional grade and approved for use on skin. The products are easily removed with Soap and Water however at times some colours with deep or strong pigments may leave a faint stain on the skin that may last  approx. 24 hrs.  


  • In order for Fancy Face Surrey to paint as many faces/bodies as possible in the time allocated it is asked that, especially in a children’s event, that a queuing system is formed and can be overseen by an adult as Fancy Face Surrey will be unable to man a queue line while painting. 


  • Fancy Face Surrey reserves the right to refuse any one person or group if deemed their actions are inappropriate, unwilling, abusive, or other. Fancy Face Surrey also reserves the right to refuse to paint designs deemed offensive or inappropriate. 




  • A non-refundable deposit is required to secure the date and services for your event. Without a deposit your date is not secured. 


  • Fancy Face Surrey will require up to 50% of the full payment 7 days before the event this will be non refundable should the booker/event planner cancel the event within these 7 days. The remainder of the full payment will be due on or before the date of the event, and before the start of the event. 


  • If, for any unforeseen circumstances (Emergency or illness), Fancy Face is unable to make the event we will inform you as soon as possible and a full refund of all moneys paid will be made at the earliest opportunity. We will never cancel an event if we can avoid it, we take pride in our business and our work ethic. 

  • If you want to change the date of your event after payment (deposit or full) is made, please get in touch as soon as possible so that we can try to make arrangements to switch dates. If Fancy Face Surrey cannot make the changed date for any reason, the deposit will not be refunded, but we will do all we can to try to accommodate your date change if possible. 


  • Fancy Face Surrey will arrive early to all events in order to set up – this means the time you have booked is used for painting, and not wasted on set up. Pack up will happen once the booked slot is over – which means, again, no paint time wasted on pack up. 


  • If you require additional time after the initial booking has ended, Fancy Face Surrey, if available, will do what it can to remain at the event – This will be at an additional cost to be agreed before commencement of additional time. 

  • Fancy Face Surrey from time to time will take photos of work, individuals or groups, these photos are taken for the purpose of recording designs to build a working portfolio of designs, as well as for marketing purposes (Posting on Social Media and on the business website.) If you wish for your photo not to be taken or not to be used please let Fancy Face Surrey know.  




If you have any questions or want to discuss your booking or any of the above T&Cs please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 




Phone: 07515362220


Social Media: @fancyfacesurrey




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